Our College


Ramkrishna Institute Of Education, Run by Shriram Gramin Vikas Sansthan, Sundar nagar Raipur is a premier and dynamic institution with an unrivalled reputation in pre-service training of teachers.


To pursue excellence in teacher education by opening global avenues in education and research for the overall development of competent and committed professionals to meet the challenges of 21st century.

  • To prepare efficient, competent, committed teacher educators, administrators and researchers.
  • To provide opportunities and facilities for the overall development of teacher trainees.
  • To develop sensitivity towards emerging issues in the changing society.
  • To create awareness in teacher trainees about the modern trends in education.
  • To undertake quality research studies, consultancy and training programs.
  • To make quest for excellence an inherent aspect for all curricular and co-curricular transactions.

  • Mission

    The mission of our institution is best described as "PURSUIT of EXCELLENCE"

    Ramkrishna Institute Of Education, Raipur is committed to excellence in all aspects of teacher education by imparting quality education and multi faceted teacher training.

    Our motto "Pursuit of Excellence" has helped us in realizing these goals and it has been our endeavor to bring about continuous modification, reforms and expansion to adapt to the changing requirement of the society.


    The institution tries to inculcate and promote the following values amongst its stakeholders.

  • Modesty, sensitivity, punctuality and neatness.
  • Patriotism, national integration and tolerance towards all religions.
  • Gender equality, dignity of labor and scientific attitude.

  • The ultimate mission of our institution is best described as "Pursuit of Excellence". Our institution works on the following goals and objectives for achieving the mission.

  • To impart value based education
  • To prepare competent and committed teachers
  • To prepare teacher educators
  • To prepare efficient administrators
  • To prepare researchers
  • To ensure the overall development of teacher trainees
  • To develop sensitivity towards emerging issues like environment, population, education, gender equality and legal literacy
  • To promote inclusive education
  • To develop awareness and attitude towards global trends in education
  • To develop soft skills and life skills
  • To develop culture in teachers trainees and enable them to become I.T. savvy

  • These are made known to the stakeholders by:

  • Display information on the entrance of college building and in the library.
  • Principal introduces in her address at the beginning of every new academic year.
  • Flash boards in the institution campus.
  • Print outs in student's daily diary and other informative academic material.